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Give 2 Hours! Community Garden Volunteer Campaign

Posted by Lewisham Gardens on June 23, 2012 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (3)

We're excited to announce the Give 2 Hours Campaign!  We've been working closely with 8 local community gardens to put together a great volunteering opportunity for people of all ages and abilities this summer.   If you have two hours free this summer, why not head down to your local community garden and find out what's going on? 8)

There has been recent upsurge in community gardening in Lewisham, largelydue to a real need for local, natural ingredients, for variety and for new food flavours. Thanks to community gardens you no longer need your own garden to Grow Your Own. Just as important, is that Community gardening can have a transformative effect on the way you feel about where you live. So if you've got the time this summer, why not try something a little different and Give 2 Hours?

Participating Gardens: 

  • Bellingham: Farmstead Rd Community Garden
  • Brockley: Breakspears Mews
  • Catford: Torridon School Garden
  • Deptford: Eveyln Community Garden
  • Downham: Goldsmiths Centre Apothecary Garden
  • Hither Green: St Swithun's Kitchen Garden
  • Hither Green: St Mungo's Courtyard Garden
  • Telegraph Hill: Telegraph Hill Centre

 How it works:

These gardens are inviting people of all ages, ability and experience to join their volunteer teams for just two hours over the summer. Some gardens are very new, while others have long and proud histories, but they all have great plans for the future. Gardens Map

All the gardens are online- So get in touch, register your interest and let them know you're coming! They will tell you everything you need to know.

Garden access: Each garden has its own rules about site access and health and safety for volunteers.

Get stuck in: Show up in clothes you don’t mind getting dirty!

Any questions can be sent to the gardens directly or to [email protected]


Brockley: Breakspears Mews

 Location: Breakspears Mews, Ashby Road entrance, SE4 1PY


Garden Description: Breakspears Mews is about to be transformed! The immediate vicinity has been blighted for years by dumped rubbish, abandoned cars and hundreds of dumped tyres.

The Breakspears Mews Community Gardens Association is now working to transform it into a community garden for all to enjoy. Already scores of people have joined in the clean up. Once cleared plans include food growing and fruit trees. Get in at the start of a new project!

To help establish the new community garden, the Association are hosting an Olympics-themed Open Day at the Mews for all the family on Saturday 14 July, 12-3pm

Email: [email protected]



Bellingham: Farmstead Road Community Garden

Location: 8 Farmstead Road, Bellingham, Catford SE6 3EH 

Garden Description: Where there was once an unloved, fly-tipped waste ground, there is now have a bright and bustling community garden. A number of local schools and youth projects have plots at the garden, they helped build the composting area and the beautiful garden entrance sign.

Phoenix Community Housing cleared the land, fixed fences, and installed a permanent water source. Groundwork London's Green Team built a The garden has a ramp for wheelchair access and the raised beds are fully accessible. Regular community gardening day is the 2nd Saturday of every month from 12 noon. New volunteers are most welcome to go along and join in!!

Email: [email protected]

Web:: Farmstead Road Community Garden


Catford:Torridon Infants School Garden

Location: Torridon Road SE6 1TG 

Garden Description: This is a lively and popular school which has small garden areas around the playground, the gardens are mostly planters and containers.  When the school year starts again in September, Torridon would like to expand its current gardening program to Y1, reception and nursery classes. The children will get the chance to use the raised beds and planters to grow fruit, salads and vegetables.

Currently the plan is for volunteers to come in to school once a month to assist the class teacher, work with small groups of children and do some fun hands on learning about growing food. The school also wants to find local people willing to help keep the school garden ticking over during the summer holidays with watering and a bit of light weeding.

If you are interested in this fantastic opportunity, then get in touch! Volunteers will undergo a CRB check.

Email: [email protected]

Web: Torridon Infant School


Deptford: Evelyn Communty Garden

Location: Windlass Place, Off Grove Street, Deptford SE8 3QH

Garden Description: This is a friendly, all age gardening group and they’re looking forward to welcoming new volunteers! They are proud to be one of the longest established community gardens in the borough.


The Evelyn community garden has a large decked pond, raised beds and a polytunnel for growing tomatoes, lettuces, cucumbers and the more tender and exotic vegetables. There is a forest garden which grows low maintenance, edible perennials, a range of herbs, and interesting plants such as figwort, swiss chard and salsify.

This garden regularly hosts workshops and fun social events. There is a fantastic project to finish building a clay pizza oven which when completed will get lots of use during summer months!

Summer Opening Times: Tuesday to Friday 11.00am to 3.00pm and Saturday 11.00am to 2.00pm

Email: [email protected]

Web: Evelyn Community Garden



Downham: Goldsmiths Apothecary Garden

Location: Castillon Road, SE6 1QD

Garden Description: Goldsmiths was home to a gardening club with a 70 year old pedigree but the establishement of the nearby allotments on Hazelbank Road eventually resulted in the garden becoming forgotten and unloved, slumbering under decades of brambles.

The Goldsmiths garden is now being returned to life by Jane Hearn, a woman with a real vision for the space. Jane is designing an apothecary garden, planting many herbs and plants which have long had uses in British folkoric medicine, plus espalier fruit trees. This garden is visible from the street- lets help make it beautiful again! Volunteer days are Wednesdays and Fridays from 10-2pm over the summer. Jane will also be hosting weekend events, so look out for them!

Email:  [email protected]

Web: Goldsmiths Garden  Blog


Hither Green: St Swithun's Kitchen Gardens

Location: St Swithun's Road, off Hither Green Lane SE13 6QE

Garden Description: St Swthun's Church is the community hub of Hither Green, it is home to endless church and community activity, from playgroups to cinema clubs. The gardens are surprisingly large, and Jenni the gardener has made a fantastic effort to plant up stuning flower and vegetable beds. But she needs help!

As the gardens get more use, Jenni would like some volunteers to help with the expansion. As well vegetables, the garden also has bees and lots of space for people to explore ideas, hold workshops and be creative! Jenni, the gardener works on Thursday and Saturday 10.30 to 4pm so these are the best days for volunteers.

Email: [email protected]

Website: St


Hither Green: St Mungo's Courtyard Garden

Location: 1 Arlington Close, (Off Ennersdale Road) SE13 6JQ

Garden Description: St Mungo's is home to a community of residents who were previously homeless. The St Mungos charity has been helping Lewisham people get back on their feet for almost 30 years now and its site has recently been through an impressive rebuilding program. The main block is built around a large central courtyard garden and there is also a kitchen garden with the space to potentially grow a significant amount of food.

St Mungos is inviting Lewisham resident, and especially those in the local community to come into the site to help develop the new gardens, working alongside residents and staff. There has also been loose talk of bees and chickens!

Email: [email protected]


Telegraph Hill:Community Centre Garden

Location: Kitto Road, SE14 5TY


Garden Description: This soon to be community garden is based at the busy Telegraph Hill Centre. The Centre has gerat plans to transform ‘The Cage’ into ‘A Garden!’ A successful plant swap was help back in March and now the centre is inviting local volunteers to help turn an unloved piece of land into a beautiful and hopefully productive space for community use and enjoyment.

So if you dont have gardening space of your own or have a efw hours feww this summer, why not go along and create something beautiful? To find out more please call Jane on 020 7639 0214. 

Email: [email protected]

Web: The

Interactive Give 2 Hours Gardens Map


View Lewisham Gardens- Give 2 Hours Gardens Map in a larger map


Drought IS still an issue! ~Thames 21

Posted by Lewisham Gardens on April 30, 2012 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (1)



April showers – why drought is still an issue despite recent rain

Few people would have missed the irony of the recent heavy rain and localised flooding which have followed one of warmest March’s on record and severe drought warnings.

It is difficult when slushing through puddles and sheltering under umbrellas to keep these dry conditions front of mind, but recent rain would need to continue for months for our ground water levels to truly replenish. The rain has been good news for our dwindling rivers and their inhabitants, but we need to continue to be mindful of our water-use and our impact on the natural water cycle.

London’s many overflowing drains and waterway roads highlight our mismanagement of water. Most of this water, locked out of the ground by hard surfacing will be forced into storm water drains to meet the sewage system, and in many cases, our rivers. The more freshwater we capture, make use of and recycle, the less pressure there will be on the rivers and streams that feed our taps. As our population continues to grow and demand for water increases, we all need to take responsibility for the way we use water and dispose of wastewater.

River Pool restoration has social and environmental benefit

The River Pool has undergone quite a transformation under the weekly attentions of a core group of volunteers and South East London coordinator Vic Richardson. Regular volunteers have worked to enhance the river’s ecology by installing flow deflectors, planting native reeds and stabilising banks. They have also worked to remove the invasive Japanese Knotweed and manage trees and vegetation to allow more light to the river.

The project has not only benefited the local environment, but has attracted those looking for new skills and work experience. Out of work landscape architect Marion Frandsen has been a regular member of the team, she said: “I really enjoy practical outdoor work and it’s been a good chance to get some more practical, on the ground experience. I feel like I’m making a contribution to something and it’s also a really nice friendly environment.”