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Hurrah for Evergreens!

Posted by Lewisham Gardens on January 2, 2013 at 12:10 PM Comments comments (0)

First blog post of 2013! And its in praise of evergreens!

Theses unsung heroes are invaluable at this time of year- providing colour, structure and something to look at during what is a barren time of year.  Walking about today I cheered (inwardly!) as I spotted evergreens in front gardens- hebe, holly,  box, camelia, privet, photinia, c.armandii, viburnam, euonymus & conifers!

Evergreens arent glamorous and can be very utilitarian (privet and laurel hedging!). They often go unnoticed in the summer, but come the winter, they are often the only game in town and by default become the stars of the show.  

Winter worthy: An all year round evergreen bed. 


This Christmas holiday we've been tramping around Elmstead Wood and Oxleas Wood, enjoying the unseasonably good weather before the rat race starts back up again. I really enjoyed the ivy and rhododendrons- I know they can be rather invasive,  but as you walk through these ancient, deciduous woodlands- the majestic evergrens make their presence known.


My own garden: Ive worked hard over the past few years to improve the evergreen framework in what is very much a summer herbaceous garden. There were a good few winters where we had nothing to look at from the dining room except the skeletons of dormant trees and shrubs.  I resolved to do better. 

So I propagated attractive ivies- large leaved heart shaped and slightly variegated. One of my favourite designers Andy Sturgeon loves a box ball! And Ive tried shaping some euonymous and box into small balls. We'll see how they develop! Hmm!

I love climbers and invested in two beautiful clematis armandii; they have put on some height after two years and hopefully right now they are preparing to reward me for all the love and attention I put into their soil. Will report back about their flowering.