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Foraging Meeting Ups

Posted by Chrissie on October 21, 2013 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)

SE Plenty Free Foraging Group - Email: [email protected]

OCTOBER EVENTS 22nd - 31st

TUESDAY 22nd AM: Pear picking in SE23 Brockley rise area. This will be an early harvest to start at 9am. Meet at 8.45am on Brockley Rise

TUESDAY 22nd AM/PM: Grow wild are having a special day event. This will start earlier than normal at 11am, meet at Peckham Library for a forage in the meadows then on to cook with the produce at the kitchen in New Cross SE14. They will possibly be cooking additional recipes with previously harvested fruits. This event workshop may be accompanied by a film crew.

THURSDAY 24th AM: Harvest of apple tree/s in Honor Oak area. Possibly more than one garden (tbc)

FRIDAY 25th AM: tbc; but either a garden harvest in SE23 or pear picking in Syd SE26

SUNDAY 27th AM: Another chance to gather chestnuts in Greenwich Park Advice provided on how to differentiate between Horse & Sweet chestnut trees and nuts. Recipes may also be provided, but these will also be posted on the website prior to the event. As last week, we will aim to meet just before 11am, ready for a short introduction and be ready to kick off our collecting at 11am. The event is expected to last several hours depending on weather conditions and how much fruit people want to collect.

As usual, we plan to bring a close to the event by toasting each others good health & sharing foraging tales in a local public house (yet to be decided). Sturdy footwear is a must. Gloves are optional, but recommended.

Please wear appropriate outdoor clothing for all events and as always... Bring your OWN BAGS!!

ADVANCE NOTICE: FRIDAY 1st NOVEMBER: 10.30-4.30 Quince Day workshop at Grow Mayow - Please contact me for booking info. Nominal fee will apply to cover costs, but you do get to take some produce home. Limited places!!

Please book early. -

Phone: 07707 557575

Email: [email protected]


Forest Hill: Apple Foraging Meet Ups

Posted by Jenny on October 13, 2013 at 5:45 AM Comments comments (0)

SE Plenty Free the new Lewisham foraging group have a announced a series of foraging meet ups for the next week.

Do call - text - email for more details & do bring your own bags!


SUN 13th Some of us are heading over to One Tree Hill / Brenchley Gardens early afternoon, to look for sloes (to make gin) and some late blackberries. Contact me for meeting place.

THURS 17th AM: We will be visiting 2 gardens behind Hornimans Museum that has several apples trees. Meet at 9.30am


THURS 17th PM: We will be vising a garden in New Cross. Meet at 2pm

SAT 19th AM: Albion Millenium Green Orchard Walk Meet at Forest Hill Station @ 11am


SAT 19th PM: We will be meeting at the Honor Oak Aerial site and visiting a nearby garden which had 6 different varieties of Apple trees. Bring picking picks if you have, or can borrow.


Vera- SE Plenty Free 

 Telephone: 07707 557575

Email: [email protected]

Foraging: Hedgerow jams, jellies, syrups and cordials

Posted by Lewisham Gardens on September 29, 2013 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Clockwise from the Left: Elderberries, rowans, rosehips, blackberries, white rowans and hawthornes. 

Be careful where you pick!
When we go foraging  we stay well away from roads,- you dont really want to be eating food that has grown alongside a busy road.
Even a thorough washing may not remove all the dirt and chemicals the fruit has been exposed to over a long perid of time.

This fruit heavy bramble is in a quiet cut through I only know is there because of hide and seek games played as child.  

Hawthornes- these dont yield much berry juice- even if you pick kilos!  Its best used as an ingedient alongside other hedgerow berries. 
It does give lots of colour. 

This elderberry bushe had it's top lopped off several years ago and so helpfully,  it's elderflowers and berries are conveniently at head height. 

Try not to pick from low branches which  may have been sprayed by dogs and foxes. In some popukar dog walking areas several hundred dogs may mark a particular spot  in a week- you dont want to be eating that! 

Finally -  dont be greedy!  Take as much as you need, but  try to spread you pickingc over several sites. Leave some for the birds and for other foragers. 

Make sure you know what you are picking. The kids picked the large brown berries at the top of the picture and we have no idea what they are, and so they'll be put aside until we can get an ID.  If one isnt forthcoming, they'll go into the compost. 
UPDATE: The brown berries belong to the wild service tree, .they are edible but only after tenderised by an  extended periode of cold. Tp the compost it goes!  

These are open maps stated by local Transition Town teams, everyone can contribute to them. So why not be neighbourly and help out a fellow forager by sharing  some of your favourite spots?